CEO Letter

If you’re making risk-related decisions for your business, you’re probably out of your element and likely overwhelmed by just how many different types of service organizations are out there with numerous sales people attempting to convince you to buy their services. Who has time for that?

We’ve taken top risk control experts from industry, the claims resolution community, the broker/consultant arena and direct service provider organizations to form the one-stop shop you need to enhance your risk management efforts by out-sourcing the risk control function. Whether you have existing risk management staff and need the power of extra risk control tools at their fingertips or if you’re looking to use individual services on a project basis, Quaker has your back.

Prior to a career change to become a licensed property & casualty broker twelve years ago, I spent over two decades in managed care for workers’ compensation. I drew up program comparisons of brokers and claims payors to better understand what they liked to offer their clients. Better yet…I was able to see why certain combinations of services worked well for employers with an optimal culture and those service combinations that worked better for those with poor morale.

In constructing Quaker Risk Control, LLC, we took great care in recognizing how unique each client engagement can be and just how important it is to get ALL stakeholders on the same page. Risk Control services are the tools all risk managers need to be more effective. Quaker is here to help.

Lou Carboni