Quaker Risk Control Expertise

Experience is measured in three ways here at Quaker:

  1. Management Personnel
  2. Account Executive Staff
  3. Service Providers


Management Personnel

Leadership at Quaker is the critical component in our services. Our leaders average over 30 years of experience managing service providers and account executive staff. Each of our leaders also have direct service expertise and have served and/or continue to serve as direct providers of specialty services in risk control.


Account Executive Personnel

Quaker AEs know their clients inside and out. It’s their job to do that and each has been serving clients for a minimum of 7 years. There’s nothing more frustrating for a client than experiencing a revolving door when investing time and energy acclimating to a point-person with any service provider. We want you to have confidence in Quaker Account Executives being there for you every day.


Service Providers

Whether employed directly by Quaker, or under contract with Quaker, we expect a lot from our preferred service providers because you do too. These are experts in their field and need to demonstrate that on a consistent level. Besides passing all Quaker vetting requirements, no service provider working directly for Quaker nor under contract with Quaker will provide services to Quaker clients with less than a minimum of 10 years of experience.