Why Quaker Risk Control?

If you’re the risk management decision-maker for your business, your perspective on these points needs to be clear. Please honestly answer the following:

  1. Do I know which risk control service options have direct experience with clients in my business sector?
  2. Do I have the time to meet with and evaluate at least five options in each risk control service area?
  3. Do I have the experience, expertise and competitive outcomes data to properly evaluate and manage each of these options?
  4. Does the volume of business I have for each vendor warrant truly discounted pricing?
  5. How is my business impacted if something goes wrong?

Quaker Risk Control clients rest easily when answering these questions because Quaker does all the work for them. Quaker even takes service to another level by quickly getting what you need with one point of contact. Your Quaker Account Executive knows you and exactly what you want from a service vendor. He/she stands in your shoes, prequalifies all potential vendors, offers you plenty of options and consistently evaluates the performance of those choices against the competitive outcomes enjoyed by other Quaker clients. Of course, Quaker also gets the volume pricing you just simply can’t get on your own.